Friday, April 11, 2008

a white warrior falls!

"click" on runes!

vale! "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich.......1955-2008

what is the ideal death for a white man?

to that there can be only one answer: to fall in battle, surronded by a sea of racial enemies, taking as many of them "out" as possible.....thereby gaining automatic entrance to Valhalla!

the jew, as Nietzsche, knows whence we come.....we are, as per Pindar, Hyperboreans.....of the ice & of the snow!

to fall gloriously in battle is part of our racial heritage & the fulfillment of our being!

to this end: the jew has sought to neutralise and emasculate our warrior spirit by various and diverse means: multi-culturalism, feminsim, political correctness and faggotry!

when such methods fail: the jew resorts to atttacking the weakest of our race, women & children, and uses such despicable means to further its genocidal agenda!

every year, millions of white babies are brutally butchered by jew-bastard abortionists and countless thousands of white families are stuffed up by feminism and "no-fault" divorce; thereby instigating tragic & fatal incidents of domestic violence!

oy vey! sez the kike!

"better vor tha vhite man to kill his wive and chilvdren and then hivself than to kill the 'chosen' in racial var oy gevalt!"

such was the case with James "Yankee Jim" Leshkevich......a white man who had made major contributions to white activism and who was becoming a real "thorn in the side" for ZOG!

un-fortunately for Yankee Jim, he lived in an area ("the jew-infested Catskills" of Jew York) cheek-by-jowl with "the self-chosen"; his activism in organising the Kingston & Knoxville rallies as well as his major contributions to the nascent "white media" of VNN was starting to hurt the inter-national jew big time......hence, the efforts by ZOG to "shut down" VNN's servers on several different occasions!

"Yankee Jim" made no bones about the part he intended to play in the coming Race War.....and his innumerable activiites & broad-casts encouraged & inspired many other burgeoning white nationalists to also "step up to the plate" and do their racial duty by kith, kin & kind!

for the jews: he was an enemy to be feared with un-known and deadly potential!

as such: he was on the ZOG "to-do" list......"top of the pops" for some kind of "hit";

Jim's wife apparently had many kike friends and worked in a ZOG schmuel....surronded by filthy race traitors and jewish child molestors!

Knowing that Jim was a racially aware white man with ready access to a supply of fire-arms and with the determination, skill and motivation to use them should the situation warrant it, the usual ZOG tactics of "rampant niggaz" &/or "home invasions" &/or "a ZOG-bot 'hit-squad' " were bound to fail.......some-thing "novel" must needs be done!.....some kind of "low blow"......a piece de resistance for the
cowardly kike because, just as the hall-marks of the true Aryan are: nobility, honour, loyalty and decency; so the hall-marks of the true kike are: ignobility, dis-honour, dis-loyalty, in-decency and treachery!

to this end, ZOG decided to cause "a domestic fracas" that would, hope-fully, result in a fatal confrontation......Yankee Jim's wife, Deborah, was, there-fore, singled out by her kike acquaintances to be "gee-d up", over a period of months, to "push Jim's buttons" (an easy thing to do after some twenty-odd years of marriage!) and to "sleep around" like a true ZOG whore and, later, "rub Jim's nose in it"......she being "conned" by the kikez that, after a bit of a "fight", and, @ worst, a blood nose and a few bruises, she would get Jim chucked out of his own home and acquire all his earthly goods & chattels!

now, adultery, like homo-sexuality, has always been around......but, once upon a time, it was done that the sanctity of the white family unit was not thereby en-dangered......with the advent of the filthy ZOG "counter-cultural revolution" of the 1960s & the 1970s, how-ever, such previously "frowned upon activities", along with various other flavours of degeneracies, were now to be "openly paraded" in the streets as some-thing to actually be "proud" of rather than some-thing to be ashamed of as a "temporary fall from grace"!

innumerable white families have thereby been destroyed and the lives of countless white children have been stuffed up....with cascading ramifications for increased crime rates, drug abuse and over-flowing prisons......all thereby adding to the de-stabilisation & destruction of formerly stable white societies and, inevitably, the advent of a jew-world-order where, under the harshest of harsh laws, the White Race,
the primary foe of the diabolical jew, could, finally, be obliterated!

such was the jews' plan for Jim!

his "wife" slept around with some "fancy boy" for several days and, then, one fateful night, came home and "rubbed Jim's face" in her degeneracy and dis-loyalty!

the Jews' plans succeded beyond their wildest hopes!

pushed to the breaking point, Yankee Jim exploded and strangled his "wife".......over-come with guilt & remorse, he then hung him-self!

scratch one white warrior and one white female......the jews had "killed two birds with one stone";

but, as on numerous occasions in the past, the jews had grossly under-estimated the power of that brilliant Aryan invention, the Internet!

tributes poured in from all quarters and from all white nations for Yankee Jim.....who has now achieved the status of a martyred white warriori!

after an intial out-burst of self-congratulatory hubirs, the ZOG main-stream media has gone strangely silent!......the memory of Yankee Jim and his deeds live on and the part played by ZOG, directly or in-directly, in his tragic demise, has been exposed and a warning to other white warriors!.......the jews' plans have, in a sense, back-fired because one major area of their attack on the White Race, the attack on the sanctity of the white family unit, has been clearly demonstrated....white men must closely monitor who their wives associate with and who they be-friend.....if necessary, they must be kept under a form of "house arrest" so that they do not stray from their racial duties.....the nurturing and rearing of white children!

and "Yankee Jim" will continue to be remembered in perpetuity, long after the last kike has been chucked onto the garbage dump of history and the last vestige of ZOG tyranny has been annihilated!

*the "Yankee Jim" memorial broad-cast!*

Valkyries transport the fallen white warrior to his eternal home......Valhalla!